People & Culture

Cultivating a thriving and inclusive community

We will attract, support, and nurture all members (students, faculty, and staff) of the CSU community by cultivating a culture of excellence and inclusivity, and using our collective skills to achieve our shared goals of a sustainable thriving planet and flourishing humanity.


Ensure Student Access And Success:

We will provide access to educational excellence and opportunities that arise from it. We will offer all of Colorado’s students access to a high-quality university education, regardless of their financial situation, and provide all learners with the tools to thrive in the 21st-century workforce.

World-Class Talent:

We will attract, invest in, and motivate our workforce to serve CSU students, Colorado, and the globe.

Everyone Belongs:

We will cultivate an inclusive climate conducive to the recruitment, retention, and success of our students and employees.

Intelligent Growth:

We will establish strategic, realistic, and measurable enrollment goals and demographic targets to promote regional, national, and international matriculation. In addition, we will formally align enrollment planning with our student success initiatives, physical space, human capital, and fiscal resources.

Training Champions:

We will foster a championship culture that promotes superior performance in the full spectrum of academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, and professional fields.