Operational & Financial Excellence

Ensuring a sustainable foundation for growth and inspiration

We will align CSU’s operational and financial practices with our strategic goals of strengthening our community and our world through a focus on a thriving planet and flourishing humanity.


Investing for Impact:

We will ensure our financial future and funding for CSU’s success by aligning our budget with the Strategic Plan priorities.

Accessible and Affordable:

We will establish a financial aid strategy that supports financial accessibility for Colorado students and meets the fiscal needs of our institution.

Elevate the Brand:

We will make CSU a top destination to learn, work, research, discover, and thrive by strengthening our brand awareness and by strategically positioning, promoting, and amplifying CSU’s expertise.

Optimizing our Space:

We will optimize the use of existing spaces and develop the necessary infrastructure to provide an inclusive and sustainable physical framework in which to learn, work, research, and discover.