How We Got Here

Throughout its history CSU has committed to broad access to education

Fall 2020 – Spring 2021:
Draft Framework

Over a 12-month period, the Executive Leadership Team and Council of Deans conducted brainstorming workshops and facilitated conversations to develop a framework. These leaders considered a myriad of strengths, voices, priorities, and constituencies. During this research, we sent out individual surveys and conducted group meetings with more than 2,000 participants. We also led listening sessions with Faculty Council members, the Administrative Professional Council (APC), the Classified Personnel Council (CPC), deans, students, staff, alumni, donors, community members, and external partners. The framework was presented to the Board of Governors in June 2021.

Summer – Fall 2021:
Leadership Drafting Groups

Believing that the best ideas come from diverse groups, we endeavored to create a campus vision in which our entire community can see themselves now and in the future. To achieve this goal, we curated drafting groups that represented a wide  range of voices, as well as our commitment to shared governance. These groups included campus leaders, faculty, students, administrative professionals, state classified staff, and key stakeholders. Each group collected and synthesized broader input through
public discussions and town halls. The groups drafted achievable and measurable goals that support our Green and Gold mission in identified target areas. All goals and themes in this plan were generated from the drafting groups’ work and were refined by input from our campus community.

Fall 2021 – Winter 2022:
Drafting Phase


Approximately 6,000 Comments


Survey responses


Meeting participants


Inspiration Proposals


Open fora


Drafting Workshops


Approximately 350 working meetings with faculty, administrators, Faculty Council members, Administrative Professional Council, Classified Personnel Council, deans, heads and chairs, students, staff, alumni, donors, community members, and external partners.